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What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is the first horse racing game on a blockchain. It’s innovative, futuristic-looking, and a success. Here’s how it works.

Thanks to this online game, users become horse owners. This is a cryptocurrency trend. People enter the platform with NFTs, non-fungible tokens. Five different actions are available to users:
  • Creating a Stable
  • Racing
  • Breeding to Create a Legacy
  • Racing Classes and Progression
  • Understanding Scarcity

E-wallets vs Zed Run wallet

So, how can you get started on the platform? Before buying a horse, you beed to create your stable.
This can be done in two ways: with email login or with the use of the blockchain MetaMask. Once you take this step, you can move on to creating your e-wallet. Of course, you can only use cryptocurrency. And it is useful to buy and breed horses.
On the other hand, the Zed Run wallet is your only source for entering the races. All this without any transaction fees. Obviously, you can deposit and withdraw funds, in the form of Ethereum. Once you have your funds and stable ready, it’s time to look for a horse.

How to get started on the platform

To buy a horse, you need to participate in a Drop Event. If you are looking for the best breed, you want to purchase the Genesis horses. On the website, you can find a detailed schedule for this event, while you can visit the Marketplace for other breeds.
Still, many details of this online game are shrouded in mystery. For example, you will only find out the prices of horses at the beginning of the Drop Event. Plus, you never know how many animals are being sold. Only at the end of the event, the platform reveals the number.

Time to start racing

So, you finally have all your horses. Is it time to race yet? Indeed, it is. Zed Run features six classes. The higher you go, the higher the stakes of the competition and the final prize. If you are unsure of the class of your horse, you can always visit the Race events page to find out more.
To access a race you need to buy a race gate, which grants you a spot in the competition. Then, you only have to wait for the start. Keep in mind that each race has a limit of 12 horses, so you might want to enter it asap.
If you couldn’t afford a Genesis horse, you might want to experiment with the breeding feature.


Mix and match the racehorses to (hopefully) create a new champion. The platform allows you to calculate the ability of the racehorses, any deviation, and the main characteristics.

Why it matters

This blockchain platform launched in 2019. Since then, it has sold over 11,000 digital horses, usually for $30 each. Plus, over 8,000 breeds and over 70,000 stables. One of the main Genesis breeds is the polygon called “Floyd Mayweather Jr” and these horses sell for $15,000.
Surely, the success of this game relies on its accessibility. In fact, there are some breeds that are cheap to buy, so anyone can play. And it’s the real game, only online. While horse racing in real life is for the elite group that can afford it, Zed Run doesn’t discriminate.
Once again, blockchain technology and NFTs offer opportunities. Both for the creators of the platforms and for the users. Will the online world become more interesting than the offline one?
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