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During the pandemic, it was plant-mania. This trend is just the opposite: ungardening.
Gardens are out of fashion, not because they are suddenly ugly – but because they aren’t eco-friendly. Nor are they “natural.”
Just think about water consumption or about the use of chemical pesticides. Indeed, these yards can do damage, especially to the insects that live in them.
The best to respect the landscape and the earth is to follow the rules of “ungardening”: no pesticides, no chemicals, and no plants that aren’t native to the area. Plus, no genetically modified grass. So, only plants that live and thrive in the specific geographical area, nothing exotic – and possibly damaging.

Ungardening: giving back to mother earth

These gardens look wild, but they are just natural. Indeed, the ungardening trend is both a hymn to beauty and sustainability. The goal? Give back to earth and nature, one balcony at a time. With all the talk of the environment and pollution, this trend is part of the cure.
The cure is not only for plants and trees but also for animals. In fact, the trend of ungardening focuses on animals and insects. They are losing their natural habitat. And it’s time to give it back to them. Hence, wild areas with flowers, pollen, and water for tired birds. Chemicals are absolutely forbidden. These substances are poison for any living creature. And why sacrifice animals for beauty? The two can live together, in harmony.

Tips for the newbies

Jenny Steel Is one of the representatives of this movement. She encourages people to plant flowers, to help the bees. And to avoid any artificial sprays on the flora.
“If you have a problem with snails, I suggest you build a trap of beer, by putting the alcohol in a small container. The snails are naturally attracted to it,” said Steel to The Guardian. And you won’t need any pesticides to get rid of them. To attract ladybugs, butterflies, and bees, people should plant rosemary, mint, and thyme.
Fundamental are the sources of water, like ponds or any humid area. They attract frogs, birds, and many other animals. All crucial to the ecosystem. Still, ungardening doesn’t mean not taking care of the garden or yard. On the contrary, the plants of nettle damage others, by choking them. So, they need to be eradicated -always without any chemicals.

Why it matters

So, this way of not-gardening requires attention, care, and patience. But it is worth it. It looks wild, but it’s healthy. Healthy for the earth. And this is why the trend of ungardening matters. Because it’s not just about a backyard or landscaping. Instead, this is about the environment and the earth. It’s a way to give back and to protect both local and native flora and fauna. A messy garden has now become a beauty. Time to get the shovel. Perhaps there is a Facebook group even for this trend.
Mike Rubini

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