Trend anatomy

We have a very distinct way of presenting trends on Treendly.
We call them “trend cards”. Here is an example card:

Top part

Title, description and trend pace

In the top part, we have some useful information.
The first being, the trend title and a brief description of it.

Right below, we have a badge.
This badge indicates whether the trend is sustained growth or rapid growth.

  • Sustained growth trends had steady growth over the past years. These trends are safe bets.
  • Rapid growth trends have sudden, rapid growth. These trends might not last.

Central part

Trend chart

In the central part of the card, we have the actual chart of the trend. The chart represents the interest in this trend. If you hover on it, you’ll see dates on the X-axis, and percentages on the Y-axis.

Bottom part

Category, country, type, and searches

Finally, in the bottom part of the trend, we have different elements:

  • trend category: we spot trends in different categories including fitness, travel, home, leisure, baby, and more.
  • trend type: we spot product trends, company trends, and concept trends.
  • the country the trend refers to: we spot trends in the US, UK, Australia, Italy, and more!
  • searches/m: the number refers to how many times this topic is being searched per month

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