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From selling expensive memes to puzzle games. Non-fungible tokens might not be the online hype anymore. But they haven’t disappeared.
The trend of NFTs started with artists. Thanks to blockchain technology and the innovative world of cryptocurrency, content creators have found a way to sell their unique creations. Platforms started booming all over the Internet, selling memes, digital artwork, and any type of digital content.
It was a trend born out of the pandemic when people lost their jobs, art galleries had to close, and artists lost their income stream. It was born out of necessity. And, with the world slowly going back to normal, the talk of NFTs died down. It slowed, it didn’t fade away. The platform Hello Anon proves the non-fungible tokens trend is far from over. Here’s how.

Hello Anon enters the game

This is an online game platform. Part riddles and part scrabble, this is a puzzle game based on NFTs. Players have tiles to play the game and each tile represents a letter of the alphabet. And they can purchase them, trade them, and combine them to solve the riddle. On Hello Anon, you will time riddles. To solve them, you will need both the right answer and the right tiles. With only one of these two, you won’t win the day’s game.
Furthermore, the website features a secondary market. How does it work? Simply, if you believe that a certain tile will increase value and demand after a new puzzle is launched, you can sell it there. Players looking for that specific tile will pay a higher price if they want to win the week’s puzzles and riddles.

Buying and selling on Hello Anon

Players can either buy the NFTs and tile through the platform or on the secondary market Opensea. You can purchase them in packs of 1, 5, and 10. Plus, the more you buy, the lower the price. The primary sale happens on the website and it has a time limit. Once the available time has expired, you will only be able to buy them on OpenSea.
What is OpenSea? This is a marketplace for NFTFs, where users are able to collect, buy, and sell the tokens. To purchase new tiles and packs, you simply have to write “Hello Anon” on the search bar. You will be able to sort the results by price, popularity, and recently created. This way, you can stay on budget and on top of the trends. There are 10,133 tiles in total and 553 unique characters, so the choices are truly endless.

Once you have your tiles ready, the next step is entering the game.

How to play

To check out the available puzzles, head to the “Play” section. Once you’ve chosen a riddle, enter the tiles to show the solution. keep in mind that riddles have a 10-minute time limit, so you are on a clock. Then, click “Submit.” The website selects a random winner among the ones who got the right answer. It’s time to claim your prize. To keep the game fair and clear, all submissions are posted in a medium post.
The prizes of Hello Anon. As the website mentions, these include “prizes like CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Punks Comics, rare physical collectibles, and more.” Plus, the prize pool is always open and available to users, so they can decide what puzzles to enter. Once again, this is done to ensure fairness.

Why it matters

The launch of Hello Anon matters because it shows that NFTs and crypto markets are here to stay. Plus, the online industry is constantly reinventing itself. If users aren’t buying expensive memes anymore, give them a game to enjoy. Hence, this trend also shows how the gaming industry is changing. Gone are the days of the table Monopoly. These are the times of Hello Anon.
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Mike Rubini

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