New opportunities in health related to Coronavirus

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People are spending more time at home thinking about any health issues they might have because they are afraid of getting sick, especially now with COVID. Here are some trends that are emerging because of this situation.


The majority of people spend their regular working day sitting in a chair for at least eight hours. Some surveys suggest that 86 % of full-time employed Americans are required to sit all day and more than 54% of them claim it influences their general health. Since we are witnessing an immense change in lifestyle during COVID-19 more people are starting to feel back pain if they are working from home. They are either sitting at the table or lying in bed and for them, back pain poses an everyday problem since some experience it as mild upper back discomfort, while others claim they feel severe pain in the upper right or left side of the back.


Toothache is an infection in your mouth that could have various causes, and it often needs medical attention. Treatments vary depending on the results of an examination since some treatments can be conducted immediately while others need a week or two to make the pain go away. Some home remedies are helpful, like clove oil, sage tea, ice cubes, or salty water, but in the case of severe pain, you might need painkillers.

Eye Problems

Digital device users would agree that after eight hours spent in front of a screen they start feeling symptoms like eye fatigue or dry eyes. Nowadays, when almost everyone is spending a lot of time looking at their phones, tablets, and screens of all sorts, it becomes pivotal to provide solutions to ease those symptoms. Glasses with an anti-glare filter are successful in protecting your eyes from the blue light that every screen inevitably emits.

Sleeping disorders

Because of the uncertain time we live in, but also because of the longer screen time, people are having difficulties falling asleep. Quality of sleep is vital for back recovery as well as pain relief since it relaxes back muscles reducing pain intensity. Sleeping on a soft mattress cannot give the body all the support it needs and that is why having a firm or medium mattress will be an immense help in relieving back pain in the upper or lower parts and correcting the spine posture. Since more and more people suffer from some type of insomnia, they something to help them relax and sleep better. In some cases magnesium pills and other supplements are helpful, but some people tend to choose over-the-counter options such as Valerian, Omax, Zzquil or Kirklands just to make sure they will get the rest they need.


In situations when everyone needs to stay at home, it is useful to have a place where you can get the best advice from wherever you are. Teladoc is a remote medicine service that gives you access to doctors and their expertise without the trouble of waiting for a long time or sitting in a packed waiting room. Their prices are moderate and that is the reason why they are in high demand lately without any sign of slowing down.
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