Going Small

What does it mean?

Modern living has been changing due to unreasonable prices on the housing market since fewer people can afford to own a property. A growing movement of living comfortably in small houses on wheels is showing people how living in a small space can increase the standard of living and downsize their everyday expenses.

Going small

Why is it a trend right now?

Tiny homes can feel a bit confined during a pandemic, but with a nice terrace, you will never feel as enclosed as you would feel in a small city apartment. Have in mind that in case of emergency you can leave the house in a pinch or even drive it outside of the city to spend time in nature or at the seaside. Tiny houses provide mobility and excitement of van life that everyone finds liberating.

Instead of settling in a house that was made for someone else, imagine living in a home that reflects your way of life. Because of their small proportions, tiny houses allow you to work on the details and invest in important home aspects. They are usually made of shipping containers that are well isolated and designed to be stable on wheels. You can adjust the house to your needs and indulge your family with state-of-art appliances, great custom-made furniture, or high-quality bed mattress.

Some people decided to build their tiny house as a DIY project by doing everything from scratch to reduce the overall expenses. For those who do not know where to start, there is a worldwide community of people who live small and can provide lots of useful advice on how and where to construct the house. They know where to buy materials and tricks on how to make your new home on wheels as spacious as possible.

When faced with limited storage, you will inevitably have to make certain compromises and declutter your things. For people who spend their lives in big houses that simplicity is what draws them to tiny living. Research suggests that when you live in a tidy home, there is a higher chance that it will increase your focus and feeling of self-efficiency as well as make you less anxious.

Another remarkable thing about tiny houses is the fact that once you construct it, the house stays in your possession. As a result, you will be debt-free since the cost of building one is drastically lower than owning any other house on the market. For couples and families, this reason alone is enough to start thinking about making a tiny house for themselves because in that case, they will become financially independent. Therefore, it becomes easier to think about traveling more or starting their own business.

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