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Here is a topic that is growing in interest: callus.
A callus is basically dead skin that has accumulated for a long time and while it is harmless and grows naturally, everyone wishes his or her feet to be smooth.Why the trend?
The first reason is that nowadays the percentage of people staying at home has increased, and while at home, people are spending most of their time in sandals or wearing shoes without socks. With summer and warmer weather, this will happen more and more, as well. The more this happens, the higher the chances of developing callus. The second reason is that more people, especially women, like to run as a way of keeping fit, and during this lock time, they have all the time to run. People should completely stop going running because most places are on lockdown trying to control the spread of coronavirus. But, when you say something, some people are attracted to the complete opposite. So they end up with a common issue for runners, which is calluses. The rough yellowish patches on your feet look ugly, right? It’s not comfortable either. Ladies like wearing high heels, but with calluses from running, it’s not pleasing. The third reason is that, because of COVID-19, people have more time on their hands and more fear of getting sick, so personal care has become a priority. They have all the time to get rid of all things they don’t like on their skin, especially calluses. The home remedies which you can use to treat callus are such as use over the counter pads, soaking your feet, thinning thickened skin, moisturizing your skin, and wearing comfortable shoes and socks.

What to sell

Here is a product you can sell that is getting a lot of demand: callus remover. Through our e-commerce data partner, Cart, we already found some related products selling in the market, including this “Electric pedivac” (sale price $ 29.99) which has unique derma-vac technology that sucks up the dead skin of the feet by shaving it while you use it. Also, the rechargeable battery lets you use it anywhere. Another similar product is this one from Hirundo (sale price $ 33.99). You can also sell other related products, like foot masks which are also on the rise. Most of these products are priced $20-$40.It’s important to notice that the trend for foot care does not only include adults, but it includes babies, too. For example, baby foot peel is a topic that has a rapidly growing demand. For an example product, check out this baby foot peeling mask which is on sale price $12.97.

Marketing angles

Besides all the marketing angles that we discussed previously (people spending more time at home in sandals, women running, etc) there is one that caught our attention. This is possible because we also collect microdata around a trend. In particular, we spotted this conversation on Reddit where a husband is trying to get his wife to wear socks to bed so that she doesn’t scratch him with her feet. That seems a perfect marketing angle for some ad copy! Hope this trend is interesting. You heard it here first!
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