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Picture this: comfortable clothes, perfect for both the office and for a night of Netflix and chill. This comfy yet elegant trend is called “athflow.” It might be difficult to pronounce, but it’s concept is simple enough.
It’s what every yoga addict was waiting for. And what everyone working from home has been dreaming about. Athflow is loungewear for the modern remote worker. No more ties or silk shirts for the Zoom meetings. It’s time to look amazing and feel cozy.

The idea behind athflow

The social media Pinterest predicted that this fashion trend would be on the raise in 2021. According to the platform, there has been a 185 percent increase in searches for the keywords “soft outfits.” The online searches for “oversized outfits” have tripled and users have been looking for home dresses for women and cotton jumpsuits.
What does this data suggest? Social media users, especially women, have been looking for comfortable outfits that both look and feel good. Being glamorous matters, but so does being able to relax and move freely.
The predecessor to athflow is athleisure. As Forbes writes, “Form-fitting, athletic-inspired clothes are everywhere. They’ve changed how we dress for the gym, for the street, and even for work.”
Forget about technical sportswear. These clothes look like active sportswear but they are not meant to practice sport. Perhaps yoga, but certainly not tennis. Still, athleisure outfits are functional thanks to zippers, seams, and pockets. They are fresh and flattering, which means that anyone can wear them without worrying about sweat and appearance.
Athleisure focused mainly on women, designed to be fashionable while staying comfortable. It was time to give up the high heels and the tight skirts. The working woman was tired of looking like an advertisement from the 1950s. She wanted her freedom back. That included freedom of movement.

The birth of athflow

If athleisure had a sibling, cashflow would be it. This trend is all about throwing away sweatshirts and yoga pants. They are good to practice on a mat, but they might be too tight to lounge on the couch. As Pinterest put it, “When athleisure meets elegance — that’s athflow.”
This glamorous combination creates the perfect work-from-home outfit. It’s ideal for people who spend lots of time doing Zoom calls. Employees and employers who want to look good through the screen, can choose an athflow collection. They don’t need to wear tight shirts or buttoned-up sweaters. Now they can wear linen jumpsuits and sporty (yet glamorous) leggings. Cashflow includes oversized clothes and flowy pants.
What is the difference between athleisure and athflow?
The focus of the former is on clothes that can also be used at the gym. They are functional so active people don’t need to give up on being comfortable on the yoga mat. On the other hand, athflow doesn’t have anything to do with sports. It’s fashionable and perfect for the office. It features comfortable pieces like house dresses and culottes. Athflow promotes the idea of an oversized and soft outfit, like cotton jumpsuits for women. It’s flattering and cozy.
This is the perfect trend for the modern woman who works. During the day, she is busy with her business. In the evening, she just wants to relax while feeling amazing. Hence, athflow. It’s the ideal choice for this new, work-from-home, Covid-19 world.

The brands

This might be a new fashion trend, but it doesn’t mean that startups are the only ones playing the game. Even traditional brands like Nike are joining the wagon. Still, there are businesses that focuses on athflow, carrying oversized and soft outfit options. They are at the forefront of the industry, ready to change the way people dress. Perhaps to even revolutionize fashion.
This Japanese brand was established in Japan in 1984. The collections feature comfortable and high-tech textiles as well as sustainability. Uniqlo’s outfits are flowy and comfortable. Like the Heat Tech clothes, made of soft, thin material that retains heat.
Launched in 2009, this brand focuses on functional fashion. It features pieces of all sizes and tastes, perfect for the modern woman who loves a soft outfit choice. The Essentials collection includes everyday items like tops, bottoms, and bodies. The Resort Wear collection features oversized pieces like cozy pants.
This global fashion brand is famous for its classy and comfortable outfits, like cotton jumpsuits for women. The collections feature warm and neutral colors with traditional patterns like flowers. The pieces for women focus on elegance and glamour. They are cozy and timeless.
These are only a few brands that carry athflow collections. As the trend picks up, more companies will participate. The ones who stay behind might never recover.
The world of fashion is changing. As more jobs are going remote, people wear flip-flops instead of heels. When women work from home, they want to feel cozy. Athflow collections are the answer to their needs.
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