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Have you ever lost any data? From natural disasters, hacking attacks, or even simple distractions. After that, you decided to back up your information in a pen drive, which you lost on vacation. Then, you lost passwords to folders and clouds. Indeed, keeping data safe and accessible can be difficult. Thanks to Arweave, those headache days might be soon over.
Arweave even says it on its homepage: “store data, permanently.” No more need for backups on backups, and complicated passwords. Thanks to this blockchain startup, it’s possible. Here’s how it works.

The complete guide to Arweave

It’s the permaweb, the next frontier of technology and innovation. This startup allows users and developers to store their data. Forever. Really. It’s a sustainable method, where everyone wins. Arweave isn’t private. Just the opposite. It’s a hard drive that everyone owns, where users can preserve not only information but also apps and stories.
The concept of the permaweb isn’t only that this technology is collectively owned. It’s also a community where anyone can contribute and maintain content forever. So it’s easier to find content all over the world.
Users of the Arweave cryptocurrency can take two major actions on the platform:
  • Developers can build protocols to help improve the site
  • Users can also mine tokens
Interested. Here’s how to start.

To start storing data with Arweave, you need tokens in your e-wallet. On the homepage, you just need to find the “claim a token” button to start the process. But the startup is worried about bots and robots. Hence, you’ll need to send a tweet from an active Twitter account to confirm you are human. This way, Arweave can verify your identity and account.
Or you can purchase tokens on other platforms. Once you have the tokens and you have downloaded the files, you are ready to start on this online storage facility. To access the e-wallet you’ll have to download the web extension, which is safe thanks to the encryption passphrase. This way, you can use the cryptocurrency of this new tech startup. It is new indeed, so what does it offer?

Features & products of Arweave

So, users can both mine and build. Furthermore, they can purchase one-time access to the Ardrive, a wallet that is private, decentralized, and censorship-resistant. Of course, it’s also permanent. Another feature of this crypto startup is Gitopia, the platform for developers who want to collaborate and build both protocols and tokens. Users can also enjoy Argo, a platform that allows you to move your websites and apps on any blockchain technology.
These are all products available on the permaweb. Now, if you want to start mining with Arweave, you can do it directly on the site. As the company writes, “the more data you store, the more likely you are to receive mining rewards from the network.” You can check your mining performance and you can use multiple hard drives to raise storage capability.
So, it’s both easy and a chance for extra income. Without a doubt, crypto experts and users love Arweave. In fact, this storage cryptocurrency gre by 75% in seven days. In one day, it grew by 14%. Impressive is an understatement.

Why it matters

The possibilities of blockchain technology are endless. From games like Zed Run to massive, digital storage spaces. There is something for creators and something for collectors. Users can save crypto money or even mine it. They can trade, protect their information, and access data. The big question is: what’s the next step in the crypto world?
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